Our Mission

is to translate, craft and deliver custom business solutions that free clients to do the work they love.

Claire Wheeler is a specialist in strategic design and stewardship for nonprofits, community-based businesses and individuals.

Her passion is to translate the creative genius of people into the systems and structures that make meaning and dismantle stress at work.

Before starting Rework, Claire worked for ten years as a program director and administrator in the environmental non-profit sector. She has also earned her keep by knocking on doors, harvesting vegetables, and selling kites.

She finds power in prose & splendor in spreadsheets.



Managing for Sustainability, Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies


Government, Smith College


Rockwood Leadership Institute, The Art of Leadership

the people's institute for survival and beyond, Undoing racism


Center for Whole Communities, Whole Thinking Retreat


Results Based Accountability


The Haymarket People's Fund
(Boston, MA)


Central Vermont showing up for racial justice
(Central VT)

Montpelier Community Justice Center
(Montpelier, VT)

Hunger Mountain Cooperative Community Fund
(Montpelier, VT)

Ensure clients have the tools & confidence they need to run their organizations with greater ease and less stress.

Talk about the inherent institutionalized oppression and inequity upon which capitalism is founded.

Make meaningful work by making work meaningful.

Celebrate learning, feedback and authentic communication.

Grow in line with the needs of the community and our clients, and never growing for the sake of growth.

Redefine what work means for a just society.

Build a world that truly works, one workplace at a time.