a matter of time:

time management

In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of time management, including unpacking the meaning of time, identifying your time triggers and habits, and learning some of the best tricks, tools, and life hacks to increase your productivity, minimize your stress, and make an impact... all in a day's work.

nonprofit strategy:

This workshop supports participants to understand the nonprofit sector and their role in it.

getting things done:

project management 101

Project management is all about getting clear and getting things done while empowering your team to do the same, even if that team is just you! In this workshop, we’ll explore the foundations of project management, including planning, task management, and evaluation. Workshop attendees will be able to design a project management plan, measure the impact of a project, understand project stages, and choose from a variety of project management apps and tools to support them in current and future projects. 

investigating efficiency:


Your capacity to make meaningful impact in your community is directly linked to your bandwidth — how your organization chooses to use funding, staff time, and social capital to accomplish your mission. The more we take on, the less bandwidth we have to focus on the programs and activities that matter most for our mission. This workshop will provide a framework—Results Based Accountability—for evaluating the impact and effectiveness of community-based programs, allowing you think strategically about how to maximize your bandwidth and direct your resources to what matters most. Participants will come away with a basic understanding of the Results Based Accountability framework, strategic tools for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of existing programs, and new ways to think and talk about the impact of your organization.

excel is awesome:

using microsoft excel for work

Learn the basic format and functions of excel to help you organize, plan, and analyze data. You may even discover that spreadsheets can be FUN as well as helpful!